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Wi-Fi or WiFi (/ ' w aI f aI /) is a family of wireless network protocols, based on the IEEE 802.11 family of standards, which are commonly used for local area networking of devices and Internet access, allowing nearby digital devices to exchange data by radio waves.These are the most widely used computer networks in the world, used globally in home and small office networks ....


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Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), et Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) sont des mecanismes utilises pour securiser les reseaux sans-fil de type Wi-Fi.La premiere version a ete creee au debut des annees 2000 en reponse aux nombreuses et graves faiblesses que des chercheurs ont trouvees dans le mecanisme precedent, le WEP..


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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) ist ein von der Wi-Fi Alliance entwickelter Standard zum einfachen Aufbau eines drahtlosen lokalen Netzwerkes mit Verschlusselung, welcher seit 2007 zur Verfugung steht. Das Ziel von WPS war es, das Hinzufugen von Geraten in ein bestehendes Netzwerk zu vereinfachen. Es wird als unsicher angesehen und sollte nicht mehr verwendet ....


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Wi-Fi (nebo take Wi-fi, WiFi, Wifi, wi-fi, wifi) je v informatice oznaceni pro nekolik standardu IEEE 802.11 popisujicich bezdratovou komunikaci v pocitacovych sitich (tez Wireless LAN, WLAN).Samotny nazev WiFi vytvorilo Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Aliance.Tato technologie vyuziva tak zvaneho ,,bezlicencniho frekvencniho pasma", proto je idealni pro ....


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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) est un standard de reseau local sans fil destine a la configuration securisee d'un equipement relie a une borne Wi-Fi.Concu par la Wi-Fi Alliance, il a ete lance debut 2007.. Le but du protocole WPS est de simplifier la phase de configuration de la securite des reseaux sans fil [1].Il permet a des particuliers ayant peu de connaissances sur la ....


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Versions WPA. The Wi-Fi Alliance intended WPA as an intermediate measure to take the place of WEP pending the availability of the full IEEE 802.11i standard. WPA could be implemented through firmware upgrades on wireless network interface cards designed for WEP that began shipping as far back as 1999. However, since the changes required in the wireless access ....


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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (commonly abbreviated WFC) was an online multiplayer gaming service run by Nintendo to provide free online play in compatible Nintendo DS and Wii games. The service included the company's Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop game download services. It also ran features for the Wii and Nintendo DS systems.. Games designed to take advantage of ....


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Wi-Fi e un insieme di tecnologie per reti locali senza fili basato sugli standard IEEE 802.11, il quale consente a piu dispositivi (per esempio personal computer, smartphone, smart TV, ecc.) di essere connessi tra loro tramite onde radio e scambiare dati. Wi-Fi e anche un marchio di Wi-Fi Alliance, la quale consente l'uso del termine Wi-Fi Certified ai soli prodotti che completano con ....


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Wi-Fi, wifi eller wi-fi (engelska: , svenska: ) ar en teknik for tradlosa natverk.Det ar ursprungligen ett handelsnamn lanserat av branschorganisationen Wi-Fi Alliance for att beskriva teknik baserad pa standarder i familjen IEEE 802.11.Syftet med Wi-Fi ar att genom tester och efterfoljande certifiering garantera att produkter fungerar tillsammans..


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Wi-Fi (/ ' w aI f aI /, juga ditulis Wifi atau WiFi) adalah sebuah teknologi yang memanfaatkan peralatan elektronik untuk bertukar data secara nirkabel (menggunakan gelombang radio) melalui sebuah jaringan komputer, termasuk koneksi Internet berkecepatan tinggi. Wi-Fi Alliance mendefinisikan Wi-Fi sebagai "produk jaringan area lokal nirkabel (WLAN) apapun yang ....


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Wi-Fi (englisch IPA: ['waI?faI], anhoren? / i; auch: WiFi; Wifi) bezeichnet sowohl das Firmenkonsortium Wi-Fi Alliance, das WLAN-Gerate zertifiziert, als auch die zugehorigen Markenbegriffe Wi-Fi 4, 5 und 6.Diese werden oft als Branchenbezeichnung fur WLAN-Gerate und -Netzwerke des jeweiligen IEEE 802.11-Standards verwendet. Umgangssprachlich ....


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Januar 2018 hat die Wi-Fi Alliance wiederum WPA3 angekundigt, welches den aktuellen Standard erganzen wird. Es werden offline Worterbuchattacken verhindert sowie Perfect Forward Secrecy erreicht. Die neuen Funktionalitaten sollen Passworter besser schutzen, auch wenn sie nicht den typischen Komplexitatsregeln entsprechen. Zusatzlich ....


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9.6 Gbps is the maximum throughput of Wi-Fi 6 across multiple channels. In contrast, Wi-Fi 5 offers a maximum of 3.5 Gbps. These are theoretical maximums however; in real-world situations, local networks may not reach this top speed. That said, because that maximum is shared across multiple devices, devices with Wi-Fi 6 can enjoy significantly ....


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???????? Wi-Fi ?????????? ?? ?????? IEEE 802.11 (????. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ???????????? ??? ?????????????? ???????????? ????? ?????.?????????? ?????????? Wi-Fi ???? ????????????? ?? ??????????? ????? ???????? ....


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IEEE 802.11ah is a wireless networking protocol published in 2017 called Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced "HEY-Low") as an amendment of the IEEE 802.11-2007 wireless networking standard. It uses 900 MHz license-exempt bands to provide extended-range Wi-Fi networks, compared to conventional Wi-Fi networks operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. It also ....


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An evil twin is a fraudulent Wi-Fi access point that appears to be legitimate but is set up to eavesdrop on wireless communications. The evil twin is the wireless LAN equivalent of the phishing scam.. This type of attack may be used to steal the passwords of unsuspecting users, either by monitoring their connections or by phishing, which involves setting up a fraudulent ....


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Le Li-Fi (ou Light Fidelity) est une technologie de communication sans fil reposant sur l'utilisation de la lumiere visible, de longueur d'onde comprise entre 480 nm (670 THz, bleu-vert) et 650 nm (460 THz, orange-rouge).Alors que le Wi-Fi utilise une partie radio du spectre electromagnetique hors du spectre visible, le Li-Fi utilise la partie visible (optique) du spectre electromagnetique..


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Wi-Fi Definition. Wi-Fi is the wireless technology used to connect computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet. Wi-Fi is the radio signal sent from a wireless router to a nearby device, which translates the signal into data you can see and use. The device transmits a radio signal back to the router, which connects to the ....


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Wi-Fi. Wifi es similar a la red Ethernet tradicional y como tal el establecimiento de comunicacion necesita una configuracion previa. Utiliza el mismo espectro de frecuencia que Bluetooth con una potencia de salida mayor que lleva a conexiones mas solidas. A veces se denomina al Wi-Fi la "Ethernet sin cables"..


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El termino wifi, sustantivo comun [nota 1] escrito normalmente en redonda (sin comillas ni cursiva), proviene de la marca comercial Wi-Fi. [3] La WECA, el consorcio que desarrollo esta tecnologia, contrato a una empresa de publicidad para que le diera un nombre a su estandar, de tal manera que fuera facil de entender y recordar. Phil Belanger, miembro fundador de WECA, ....


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High fidelity (often shortened to Hi-Fi or HiFi) is the high-quality reproduction of sound. It is important to audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts. Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has inaudible noise and distortion, and a flat (neutral, uncolored), or other desirable (colored) frequency response within the human hearing range.. High fidelity contrasts with the lower ....


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Wi-Fi Direct ist ein Standard zur Datenubermittlung zwischen zwei WLAN-Endgeraten ohne zentralen Wireless Access Point.Wi-Fi Direct basiert auf der internationalen Norm IEEE 802.11 (ISO/IEC 8802-11), die die Eigenschaften eines drahtlosen Netzwerkes beschreibt. Wi-Fi-Direct-fahige Gerate werden von der Wi-Fi Alliance zertifiziert; dadurch wird sichergestellt, dass die ....


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In-flight entertainment (IFE) refers to the entertainment available to aircraft passengers during a flight.In 1936, the airship Hindenburg offered passengers a piano, lounge, dining room, smoking room, and bar during the 2 + 1 / 2-day flight between Europe and America. After World War II, IFE was delivered in the form of food and drink services, along with an occasional projector movie ....


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Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) ist die Implementierung eines Sicherheitsstandards fur Funknetzwerke nach den WLAN-Standards IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n sowie ac und basiert auf dem Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)..


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May 01, 2001 . Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet access. A common misconception is that the term Wi-Fi is short for "wireless fidelity," however Wi-Fi is a trademarked phrase that refers to IEEE 802.11x standards.. Wi-Fi originated in Hawaii in 1971, where a wireless UHF packet network called ALOHAnet ....


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Wi-Fi Protected Setup Knowledge Center at the Wi-Fi Alliance, su wi-fi.org. URL consultato il 5 maggio 2019 (archiviato dall'url originale il 2 dicembre 2011). UPnP Device Architecture (PDF), su upnp.org. WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN brute force vulnerability, su kb.cert.org..


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Wi-Fi Direct, zpocatku nazyvany Wi-Fi P2P, je standard Wi-Fi, ktery umoznuje snadne propojeni dvou nebo vice zarizeni bez nutnosti bezdratoveho pristupoveho bodu (anglicky Access Point, zkracene AP) a komunikaci beznymi Wi-Fi rychlostmi a to pro ruzne vyuziti od prenosu souboru az po pripojeni k internetu. Jednou z vyhod Wi-Fi Direct je moznost propojit ....


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RS-485, also known as TIA-485(-A) or EIA-485, is a standard defining the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers for use in serial communications systems. Electrical signaling is balanced, and multipoint systems are supported. The standard is jointly published by the Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronic Industries Alliance (TIA/EIA)..


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Wi-Fi and electronic services. Amtrak first offered free Wi-Fi service to passengers aboard the Downeaster in 2008, the Acela and the Northeast Regional trains on the NEC in 2010, and the Amtrak Cascades in 2011. In February 2014, Amtrak rolled out Wi-Fi on corridor trains out of Chicago. When all the Midwest cars offer the AmtrakConnect ....


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for arbitrary real constants a, b and non-zero c.It is named after the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss.The graph of a Gaussian is a characteristic symmetric "bell curve" shape.The parameter a is the height of the curve's peak, b is the position of the center of the peak, and c (the standard deviation, sometimes called the Gaussian RMS width) controls the width of the "bell"..


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